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Ideal Roofing - Testimonial


At this manufacturing plant, 400w MH were changed 1-for-1 to our JAFtech highbay. The results are oustanding! In this testimonial the customer documented increase productivity, light level and overall appearance. Also, a great level of energy savings over 25,000 is showed over a 19 month period. See below PDF file for their testimonial.


To download Ideal Roofing testimonial(PDF) please click Here

Total Savings $25,154.15

- Ideal Roofing Company Ltd

...Brighter and cleaner. Visitors at our plant wonder if the floors

have been polished.

- Ideal Roofing Company Ltd


Gary Parker

In this garage the customer changed their existing F96T12 8' fixtures using a JAFtech A244 coversion kits. Gary boasts the advantages of our mechanical design, ease of use of our products as well as our teams commitment to service. See below PDF file for his testimonial.


Novelty - Testimonial

To download Client - Testimonial(PDF) please click Here

Best mechanical design with your three-piece socket bracket and indented adjustable width feature

- Gary Parker, Novelty, OH

I had several reasons for choosing JAFtech over your competitors

- Gary Parker, Novelty, OH


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