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JAFtech is a leader in energy efficient fluorescent fixtures. We have supplied energy saving solutions to thousands of lighting projects across North America in the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors. 

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JAFtech is a leader in energy efficient LED. Using various different types of LED to suit any application. LED extremely efficient, breaking lumen per watts of that of a fluorescent. They also have very few limitations such as heat and cold. Operating in either scenario with ease and no reduction to light output.

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The FW104 water-tight fixture is here! Suitable for any wet location such as showers, ice rinks, car washes, grocery stores, wash-down coolers or even farm use such as pig pens or cow barns. This fixture comes with UL certification and IP65,67 standards which speaks to the quality and endurance of this enclosed fixture.

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We design and manufacture 1000's of retrofit kits from universal to custom made. JAFtech conversion kits are easy to use, reduce waste and are cost effective for any budget. Fun Fact: JAFtech was the first to design a t12 to T8 universal retrofitkit conversion kit for the lighting industry

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